MEESH QS Consultants Limited


A portfolio of the Aims and Objectives of the Company

As a major contractor you are well aware that modern civil engineering and construction projects are complex, often of a specialist nature and carried out under strictly applied conditions of contract. Financial considerations are fundamental to the successful outcome of a project but are inextricably linked with contractual and legal provisions.

In todays market place where competition is keen and margins are more than a little tight, the need to accurately monitor the "health" of contracts from tender to final account is ever more important.

MEESH Q.S. Cosultants Limited are at the sharp end of civil engineering and construction quantity surveying and have developed the specialist skills and expertise necessary to give sound commercial advise sought by contractors, as yourselves, in the following fields.



Formulation of interim and final accounts for contractors, letting and agreement of subcontract accounts.


Notification and preparation of contractual claims - research, formulation, presentation and negotiation on behalf of clients. Claims defence.

Budget Forecastsview

Reporting to site management on financial matters. Cost studies which included cost / value budget forecasts.


Final account measurement and agreement of the main contract and subcontract works. Computer aided measurement.

Project Planningview

Computer aided network planning in monitoring contract progress and delays.

Construction Contracts

Click here for a resume of Construction contracts which Meesh Q.S. Consultants Ltd. have had an active interest.

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